Source: The Hitman and Groberman Show

"Macho Man" Randy Savage recently appeared on The Hitman and Groberman Show. Savage talked about his heat with Vince McMahon, and said that he didn't know that McMahon's problem with him was.

He then said that the one person he would like to wrestle is Vince McMahon. Savage said McMahon could have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in his corner, and that he would give Stephanie a kiss "for old time's sake."

He then went on to address the rumors about him and Stephanie McMahon, saying that he doesn't remember what happened in December of 1993. He said that if Triple H has a problem with it, he doesn't remember anything, but that doesn't mean that the wrestling world doesn't remember "The Macho Man." He then said that if Triple H has a problem with it, that he should call him out and they can deal with it "man to man."

You can listen to Savage's interview by clicking here, he appears at the 81-minute mark. Also, for those of you unaware of the Savage - Stephanie rumors, you can find out more by clicking here.

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