-- We posted yesterday here on the website that Vince McMahon noted during yesterday's quarterly conference call that WWE will be introducing "new live event programs" in the "not too distant future" with their current television partners. He added it "won't be too difficult" to find a home for their expanded programming line-up.

Regarding WWE Superstars and WWE NXT, management noted in two separate instances during the conference call that they're evaluating the future of where to air those shows.

-- Here's some highlights of an interview with Jeremiah Riggs from Angrymarks.com, who is currently a contestant on WWE Tough Enough.

On who is tougher: Bill DeMott or Dutch Mantell: "Big Bill, man, he's a son of a b---h! Both of them, I think, will give each other the run for their money. Dutch, he's a little more old school in the sense that he does get in the ring from time to time, but Bill is more active. Bill will pick you up and slam you on your head, run the ropes etc. As far as old school, you can ask anybody, Dutch Mantell is an older fella but he won't take no s--t, he'll put a foot in your ass. First time I ever met Dutch he wouldn't let me step foot in a ring, he made me go through training, but I respected him for that. Bill backed that up, he told me that when he himself first trained he wasn't allowed to step into the ring either. I believe if Dutch was still slamming and kicking people, you could see a side of him that you wouldn't wanna see."

On fighting Kharma: "Oh, I'd love it, I'd pick her ass up and slam her on her head, then I'd go to the top rope and give her a signature move or two. If she wanted to get in the ring and go at it I'll go, I don't care!"

On Trish, Booker and Steve Austin: "Being with Trish... being a male, having a woman trainer is pretty awesome. She can be the peaceful voice you hear after everybody else is yelling down your throat, but she was tough, she was game. Bill, he goes way back. I relate to Bill like when I was in military, he's sees something in you and he is going to push you to try to break you, but he's doing it for your own good. Booker is phenomenal, he knows good when he sees it. He's so smooth, his movement, his passion, it's so sweet, it's almost like watching Michael Jackson dance. If you look at Booker, how he moves and flows is just crazy. Then you got 'Stone Cold', man... s--t! I shouldn't have to say anything about him. That's the toughest son of a b---h that I've ever met! The red light is never off, he is who he is, and that's how he got popular because he's always himself. he's always him, that's one thing I've always respected about him. he's a good ol' boy, he loves what he did and always gives his heart."

On Matt Cross' elimination: "It wasn't to my surprise. If you kinda looked around the ring, and somebody says your name, it's like who? Who are you? If I had nine years in the business and could do all the great things he could do? There was an opportunity and you can't wait on it, because a shark like me will eat you. When you're swimming in a pool of sharks it's either eat or be eaten. From the time you wake up in the morning, it's your decision to whether you're going to take an opportunity or you gonna wait for somebody to give you one. It is what it is, and it's something you're going to have to live with, because I sure ain't waiting."

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