Source: PWTorch

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh encountered Jinder Mahal last night in a backstage segment on SmackDown!, with the newcomer once again saying that things will be a lot better due to him. Khali walked off and Singh said while it's nice to see Mahal, Khali is his brother and he's got his career on track. Mahal mentioned Khali wearing a tutu on Monday's episode of Raw. Singh tried to defend Khali on the matter, but Mahal interrupted and said he wasn't condemning him, just making a comment. He then patted Singh on the back and walked off.

The angle is scheduled to result in Khali turning heel since many people within WWE feel he's become too soft as a babyface and no longer portrays a monster type character. This will result in Khali and Mahal working together as a heel tag team with Mahal carrying most of the work. Of course, plans can and always do change.

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