Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- WWE launched a program between Sin Cara and Chavo Guerrero on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown! as the third generation wrestler shook Cara's hand following his victory over Tyson Kidd. In their first match together, Cara beat Guerrero at Saturday night's SmackDown live event in Pensacola, Florida.

-- Rosa Mendes, who has been portrayed as a babyface character in recent months, was reverted back to the dark side. She appeared as a heel character against babyface Natalya at Saturday night's WWE SmackDown! live event in Pensacola, Florida. The third generation wrestler beat Mendes via Sharpshooter.

Mendes' sudden turn can be attributed to the shortage of heel Divas on SmackDown!. Layla established herself as a babyface on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown!, leaving Alicia Fox as the lone heel on the brand. However, Fox suffered a shoulder injury at the television taping after taking a clothesline from Kharma and therefore is out of action. Meanwhile, Kharma worked this weekend's RAW live event tour. This leaves Mendes as the lone active heel Diva on SmackDown!.

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