WWE RAW Results (5/9) - New #1 Contender, Cole/Lawler... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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RAW opens with Alberto Del Rio heading to the ring. Del Rio blamed him not being world champion due to Edge, and wondered why WWE wasted last week's show on The Rock. Del Rio said Cena may be champ, but no one is better than him and he should face John Cena. Cue Rey Mysterio's music.

Mysterio challenged Del Rio to a match tonight to determine the #1 contender. Del Rio started to respond, and the Miz's music hit and he headed to the ring with Alex Riley in tow.

Miz said he wanted the title shot, Del Rio told him he had his shot and now he needs to get to the back of the line. Miz blamed his misfortune on the referee and wants a rematch with Cena, and he said that Del Rio and Mysterio can fight each other in a "Taco Bell parking lot for all I care."

R-Truth came down to the ring to no entrance music. Truth talked about hospitalizing John Morrison and they showed his attack from last week. He said he wanted to do the same to everyone in the ring. Truth ripped everyone in the ring and said the only one who'll be facing that "lily white" John Cena is "me."

The GM chimed in and said three men deserved a shot at the title, so there will be a triple threat match between The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. Truth got that crazy look in his eye and yelled, "AGAIN!" He said he was better than everyone in the ring, especially Mysterio. Mysterio said he agreed with the GM and Truth shouldn't be in the match, and then mocked Truth's catchphrase. Truth then left the ring going crazy. Another strong showing for Truth.

Miz then ripped Del Rio and Mysterio, and said the next WWE champion is..., Ricardo Rodriguez then interrupted and said "Alberto Del Rio!!" Riley attacked Del Rio, Rodriguez discarded of Riley, Miz took out Rodriguez, Del Rio took out Miz and then Mysterio took out Del Rio to be the last man standing in the ring.

They show Kharma attacking Maryse and sparing Kelly Kelly last week.

Kelly Kelly and Eve vs. The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins vs. Eve and Kelly Kelly is up now. Kelly rolled up Brie Bella to get the win. Cue Kharma's music, who makes her way to the ring while Eve and Kelly stand in the ring dumbfounded. The Bella Twins held hands and ran to the back and Kelly went outside the ring. Kharma then clotheslined Eve to the mat when Eve charged at her and then started to chase Kelly, who ran to the back. Kharma got back in the ring and hit the implant buster on Eve.

Kelly Kelly and Eve defeated The Bella Twins.

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