Source: PWInsider

-- To follow-up on what was being reported on earlier, Ric Flair actually said "if he has his druthers" he'll be wrestling Sting for the world title in August. You can check out that entire podcast at this link. "Whoooooooo ... It's SHOWTIME Folks!!" Ugh, lame.

-- TNT claimed the #1 spot in the primetime cable ratings thanks to the NBA playoffs last week. The network did a 2.9 primetime average compared to USA's 2.0 which was #2 and Fox News' 1.8 which was #3. Syfy came in at #20 with a 0.7 while Spike TV didn't rank in the top 25. The two hours of RAW last week ranked at #10 and #14; the top eight hours were taken by NBA playoff games.

-- The Iron Sheik and Jay Lethal will be meeting fans on May 21st at the Holy Ghost Charity Hall in East Providence, Rhode Island.

-- Rey Misterio, Sr. (Miguel Lopez, uncle of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio) is scheduled to introduce a new Rey Misterio, Jr. at a CMLL live event on Friday, May 27 in Tijuana, Mexico. Misterio, Sr. has trained the young upstart and is said to have a lot potential. Rey Mysterio, the original Rey Misterio, Jr., has given the wrestler his blessing. Often times in Mexico, a famous wrestler will allow a junior to assume his persona in exchange for a percentage of their earnings.

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