Recap From Today's NJPW Press Conference In New Jersey

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-- Here is a recap of today's New Japan Pro Wrestling press conference in Newark, New Jersey:

We are live at the New Japan Pro Wrestling press conference at the Ramada in Newark, New Jersey.

A number of NJPW wrestlers will be appearing with the daughter of Jumping Bomb Angel Itsuki Yamazaki translating for the American media. Yamazaki is in attendance as well. Tiger Hatori will be moderating the press conference.

New Japan Pro Wrestling President Naoki Sugabayashi thanked everyone for coming and officially began their press conference.

NJPW President we are very excited to be here and we know the fans are excited as well. They would like the tour to be a success and return next year, so invite all the American fans to come to the shows and enjoy themselves.

They introduced Tiger Hatori, who was introduced as the Producer of the tour. He said that after the disaster in Japan, they need to have a lot of energy from NYC to Japan to help make it successful. He thanked JAPW Promotions for helping them with creating three sucessful days of promotions.

Ryusuke Taguchi said he was very excited to be in the United States and to wrestle here.

Tiger Mask said that while he's wrestled in the United States before, its the first time New Japan is here and he hopes the fans will enjoy the experience.

Jado said that he looks forward to showing the United States how amazing New Japan Pro Wrestling here. Gedo said that they have been partners for 20 years and they look forward to showing the American fans the power of their team.

They brought Jushin Liger to the dias, announcing that Liger will be defending the JAPW Light Heavyweight championship against Kenny Omega. Liger introduced himself and said he won the belt last year and he has brought it back to America to defend it. He said that he expects to bring the belt back to Japan. He said that even though he is in America, he is wearing his New Japan colors as he wants to show NJPW is in his heart at all times. He said that as a representative of NJPW, he wants to do his best.

Satoshi Kojima said that he is very excited that NJPW has come to the United States. He said that while he has been wrestling for a long time, he still wants to show his skills to the fans in America. He said that he will satisfy all the American fans with his performance and thanked everyone for coming.

Shinsuke Nakamura said that in his opinion, no one has his style of wrestling and wants to show America his original, strong style of wrestling.

They began taking questions to the press:

Liger and Tiger Mask were asked their feelings on being part in the tour and on being in the opening match of the card. Mask said that it doesn't matter what match they are in on the card because they can show their style in the ring. Liger said that he wants to win his match and retain his championship. Liger said that Homicide and Low Ki are good wrestlers but they are better and greater.

I then asked the panel what it meant to them to compete under the NJPW banner in the United States. Tiger Mask and Jushin Liger answered. Mask said that there is WWE and TNA in America but this is their chances to show the differences and the style evolution that the Japanese wrestlers have to offer the world. Liger said that everyone under the NJPW event are amazing and they all want to show the world their love of New Japan and how they want to satisfy the fans.

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