Ring of Honor's first Triple Crown Champion, Eddie Edwards, gave a shoot interview with James Guttman on ClubWWI.com discussing his career.

He talks about the developmental situation of wrestling, his injuries, working with Davey Richards, ROH"s fanbase, his website, and much more.

Here are the highlights of some of his comments:

On ROH"s fanbase: "I think a lot of that has to do with the Internet pay-per-views we're doing now. HDNet helped us out a lot with that too. Of course, we've gone our separate ways since then, but that was opening up a whole new market and a whole new area to show what Ring of Honor is and what we can do. Now with the Internet pay-per-views, people who aren't in the area or can't drive to shows have a chance to check out Ring of Honor as a live show on the Internet and that's really helping out. Because, if someone can't make it to the show, how else are they gonna check it out if they don't have the resources or don't feel like waiting for the DVD? Some people want to watch it live and I think the Internet pay-per-views have really helped out with the live aspect of it."

On ROH overtaking TNA as the #2 wrestling company: "I think it's a legit thing that could happen. I think it's a matter of our product getting out there and more fans - like you said before, there's that sense that there's that hardcore fan base that's concentrated on Ring of Honor. Some fans might be a little sceptical or gun-shy to come on board. But I think if we put our product out there - have somewhere to put it out there - and show fans what we can do, we'll have people jumping on board day after day after day, you know. I don't think we would have to change our product and I don't think we would. Just by saying "Ring of Honor", you know what it is and you know what to expect. So I think we wouldn't want to change what we've done. All the history that Ring of Honor has has been building up to this point and if we get that chance to go to the next level, it's all been leading up to that point. So there would be no point in changing what we've done or how we got to where we are. Because we still have to go out there and show them we're the best wrestling in America. I think that's what would be what drives the fans to want to come see us and what we do. Once they realize what's going on in Ring of Honor, people aren't going to want to stop seeing the way we do it."

On being the first ROH Triple Crown Champion: "It's an amazing thing to accomplish because there has been so many amazing wrestlers who have been a part of Ring of Honor and still are today. To not only be the first TV Champion, as you said, but to be the first Triple Crown Champion - that's also surreal. Winning the championship and then realizing I was the first Triple Crown Champion in history is another surreal feeling and an amazing accomplishment for myself and for Ring of Honor...You can't change history. You can't rewrite the history books. So no matter when you look at it, I'll be at the top of that list. It's pretty unbelievable."

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