Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRSBARBQ.com. Here are the highlights:

On last night's show in Mexico: "How did WWE do in Mexico City? HUGE...almost 20,000 people and a live gate hovering just under $1M. WWE will produce TVs in Mexico City this fall which has been on the drawing board from quite some time. W/ Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and now Sin Cara in the fold, WWE has significantly strengthened its position in the Mexico marketplace as their TV ratings indicate. Strong TV clearances in Mexico has been vital to WWE's growth there too."

On Chyna appearing for TNA: "What are my thoughts on Chyna returning to TV? Happy for her. Why wouldn't I be? She needs to earn a living too. Not sure where she is as it relates to her passion for the genre any longer but she is earning a pay day. For the record, I still don't endorse women wrestling men plus I never said Chyna was undeserving of Hall of Fame consideration as some misinterpreted."

On whether he wants to see Hulk Hogan wrestle again: "Do I think that Hulk Hogan should wrestle again? First, this is absolutely none of my business but if it means putting one's self in more physical jeopardy or only being able to go through the motions, I'd suggest not. This issue is one guy's decision and that person isn't me."

On whether he will appear at next weekend's PPV: "Will I be in Seattle for 'Over the Limit?' I haven't heard but if not I'll certainly watch it on PPV and I do know that good seats are readily available for the fans to attend live.

On Undertaker wrestling again: "Do I think that Undertaker will attempt to run his undefeated streak to 20-0 and will be ever be beaten at a Wrestlemania event. Yes, 'Taker will do all he physically and mentally can do to run the streak to 20-0 which makes it even more untouchable. Hell no, I don't think that he will ever lose at a Wrestlemania. Just my two cents. (PS...I also do not know when we will see the Undertaker again but I do feel confident that we will see the Phenom at some point before WM28.)"

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