We go to Tenay and Taz to talk about tonight's top matches again. Jeff Jarrett's music hits and out he comes with Karen Jarrett, who has a brace on her foot and is walking on crutches. Jeff helps Karen to the ring.

In the Arena:

Jeff takes the mic and says that unfortunately, Karen hurt herself while handing out the orders for their hired help at home on Friday morning. The crowd starts chanting "bulls--t." Jeff says Karen slipped on one of Cody's action figures and her ankle is broken in two places. Another "bulls--t" chant breaks out. Jeff says he and Karen are as disappointed as the fans are. Jeff says the match against Kurt Angle and Chyna won't happen tonight. He says it's not their decision, it's the doctor's decision. The crowd chants for Kurt Angle but out comes Mick Foley.

Foley to the ring. JJ thanked him for coming out and booking a new match. Foley said he saw the x-ray, but other things could be seen like sex, race and size. Karen's not a six foot six African American male. Foley says this is a wrestling ring and wrestling takes place in them. Wrestling matters. Karen claims she has nothing to wear. Foley says he knows Karen's not a wrestler, so he talked to Jollene and she'll have something for Karen to wear facing Chyna. 'Chyna' chants. Foley says that she should see the outfit. Karen's going to get her ass kicked all over the Zone, but will look so good doing it. Have a nice day!

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