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Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at Here are some highlights:

On Drew McIntyre: What do I think of Drew McIntyre? Lots of potential, nice look, seems to be athletic but it needs to be established as to who the Scot is and what his immediate objectives are.

On Mid-South Wrestling: Do I have good memories of Mid South Wrestling and UWF Wrestling? Of course. When Watts was 'on' he produced as good a one hour, syndicated pro wrestling TV show as anyone around. That era was a great education for me on many fronts regarding the biz. Those long days weren't easy and I didn't get rich but I paid my dues and established a professional foundation that has served me for decades. If you want to see some of these great TV shows you can check out

On Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan: I did enjoy Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan's match on Smackdown a great deal and the involvement of Chavo Guerrero into the Cara mix as well. Cara is developing nicely, was a predictable, HUGE hit in Mexico last weekend for WWE, but Cara needs to accelerate his learning to speak English so he can communicate with a large portion of the WWE audience.

On TNA Battling With WWE: I heard about TNA putting up billboards in Stamford, Ct, which is the world HQ of WWE. Thoughts? A complete waste of money unless obscure mentions such as this one is what TNA is looking for. Silly expenditure of money IMO. One would think that organization would have bigger and more important fish to fry. However, what TNA does isn't any of my business or concern but the question was asked and has now been addressed. I would guess that many WWE, Stamford based employees learned of TNA for the first time via the local billboards.

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