WWE RAW Results (5/16) - Cena Vs. Swagger, Mysterio Vs. Del Rio... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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John Cena's music hits and we're off. Cena gets in the ring and takes the mic. Before he could say anything, he's cut off by Alex Riley. Riley introduces a video package full of clips of Miz getting the better of Cena. Riley then introduces the Miz. Riley continues to talk and says Miz will never say that he quits. Cena calls Riley stupid and then cracks some jokes at Miz's expense. Cena then says he chose the match because he sees fear in Miz's eyes, and he sees the fear right now. He says that Miz will say, "I'm the Miz, and I quit," after Over The Limit this Sunday. RAW GM chimes in and says since Cena made the stip for OTL, that Miz and Riley can name the opponent and type of match for Cena tonight. Miz muddles it over and says that he's not sure yet, but that it will be "awesome."

We're off to a commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk

Kofi hits the ring first, Punk comes out with the new Nexus. Punk tells Nexus to stay back, and they remained on the stage. The end of the match saw Kofi miss a charge in the corner. Punk was able to pin Kingston clean after hitting the GTS. After the match, Punk took the mic at the top of the stage and said that he displayed leadership by example. He said "no more Mr. Nice Punk," and he won't stop until the Nexus is the most dominant force that the WWE has ever seen.

CM Punk defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.

The Miz is shown talking to Dolph Ziggler in the back. A contract signing between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole is announced for later tonight. We are off to a commercial.

They replay Kharma's attack on Eve last week.

Kelly Kelly's music hits and she heads to the ring to face Brie Bella.

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella

Kelly defeated Bella clean. Nikki immediately hit the ring and the twins double teamed Kelly. Kharma's music hit and she made her way to the ring. The Bellas stood in the ring as Kharma enetered the ring. Kharma looked down at Kelly as the Bellas attacked her from behind. Kharma then laid out Nikki Bella with the implant buster while Brie headed to the back. Kharma then turned her attention to Kelly and picked her up. She then flicked her in the forehead and laughed and then walked off.

Kelly Kelly pinned Brie Bella.

The Miz is shown talking to the Big Show in the back and we are off to commercial.

Back from commercial, and a promo for "That's What I Am" airs.

Rey Mysterio's music hits and he heads to the ring. Mysterio calls out R-Truth and we go to a commercial while Mysterio waits in the ring. Back from commercial and instead of R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he heads to the ring. Del Rio and Mysterio go back and forth before Mysterio says he's ready to shut Del Rio's mouth and we're off.

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