WWE RAW Results (5/16) - Cena Vs. Swagger, Mysterio Vs. Del Rio... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio takes control and we're off to commercial. Back from commercial and Mysterio gains control. R-Truth interrupts Mysterio from the balcony and says that there's a thief amongst us, and accuses Mysterio of stealing his spot in the number one contender's match last week. After the distraction, Mysterio continued to dominate Del Rio and went for the 619, but Ricardo Rodriguez caught Mysterio's legs in the ropes to end the match.

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio via DQ.

Del Rio then proceeded to put the beatdown on Mysterio after the match. Truth then hit the ring and continued the assault after Del Rio left. Truth then took the mic and asked Mysterio what he was doing challenging him, and said that no one challenges the truth. He then told Mysterio that "you gonna get got" this Sunday. Truth laid a couple of more kicks into Mysterio and then left.

The Miz is shown talking to Mason Ryan backstage. The contract signing between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole is next and we're off to commercial.

Back from commercial and we have the contract signing. Michael Cole has Lawler repeat that he'll give him his HOF ring if he loses and induct Cole into the HOF if he ever came down to it. Lawler agrees and they sign the contract. After Lawler signing, Cole said that in the contract there was a stipulation for the match to be a "kiss my foot" match, and he said that he's going to make Lawler do what JR did last month. He said he made the match a "kiss my foot" match since he would be comfortable in the match, and they replay the Lawler - Bret Hart kiss my foot angle from "King of the Ring" in 1995. Lawler tells Cole that he's no Bret Hart, or even a Jack Swagger. Lawler says he respects Swagger for what he can do in the ring, but that it's sad that Swagger has been reduced to Cole's sidekick. Cole said that people don't even remember Swagger was a world champion and took credit for Swagger being a part of 'Mania, etc. Swagger took offense, had some words with Cole and then left the ring. Cole told Swagger that he didn't mean anything by it, but Swagger still left. Cole then started backtracking on the stipulation. Lawler grabbed Cole's tie, told him that he will stick his foot in Cole's mouth and close it.

Backstage Miz is talking to Kane. Big Show hands Kane the tag belt and they head to the ring to face the new Nexus when we're back from commercial.

The Big Show and Kane vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Kane and Show enter the ring first. It is announced that Show and Kane will face CM Punk and Mason Ryan this Sunday at Over The Limit. The Nexus then make their way to the ring. In an upset, Otunga and McGillicutty defeated the champs. Show shoulder-blocked Ryan outside of the ring, and then was taken out by Punk. In the ring, Otunga ran interference and McGillicutty nailed Kane with his finisher to get the win.

David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty defeated The Big Show and Kane after McGillicutty pinned Kane.

Miz is talking to R-Truth backstage and we're off to commercial.

Back from commercial and Kane and Big Show say that they will retain the titles this Sunday. Kane says Punk was in all his glory, but this Sunday will be the entire new Nexus' annihilation.

John Cena is walking to the ring and Zack Ryger gets another cameo with the champ, handing Cena a shirt as Cena walked out. Cena put the shirt over his shoulder and smiled and made his way to the ring. We're off to another commercial.

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