On his Twitter account, Paul Heyman recently tweeted on how CM Punk has been used in WWE. Here is what he had to say…

"I'm sure he will get heat for me saying this, but @CMPunk is STILL the most underutilized talent on the WWE roster. And my apologies to @CMPunk for the heat he'll get, but come on already. Punk is the best heel in the biz today! WAKE THE F**K UP! It's amazing to me (and not in a good way) that WWE doesn't see how @CMPunk has brought out the best in every opponent."

Steve Austin tweeted back to Heyman by saying "Agreed."

Finally, CM Punk responded to Heyman with the following tweet: "@HeymanHustle oh you know me, if I don't have heat I'm doing something wrong. Keeps me warm."

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