Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Here are the highlights…

On Stealing Moves: 'Stealing wrestling moves' is so much to do about nothing in my opinion. If not, is Ed 'Stranger' Lewis spinning in his grave every time we see the occasional headlock utilized when an athlete actually applies logical, wrestling holds? Or what about circus trapeze artists when a wrestling match breaks down into not much more than a succession of flips, flops, and flies leading to an inside cradle for the eventual pin?

On Steve Austin & Tough Enough: @steveaustinBSR has made Tough Enough his own vehicle and if season #2 rolls around and Steve is able to interject himself from the beginning of the process, I'll predict that next season's Tough Enough will be even better. I love the editing and look of the show and could see a DVD extra on a WWE PPV featuring outtakes, etc. None of the kids have jumped off the TV at me as of yet but that could change anytime. @TheRock guest stars next Monday on the USA Network just before Raw from Portland, Oregon.

On His Bet With JBL: @jclayfield aka JBL and I have a bet on the NBA Western Conference Finals between Oklahoma City and Dallas. I've got the Thunder and JBL has the Mavs for a case of our Original BBQ Sauce vs. a case of John's New Leaf iced tea. Unless Dirk Nowitski gets kidnapped, I may be getting ready to ship JR's Original to the island of Bermuda.

On Working Memphis: No, I never worked in the Memphis territory. They had Lance Russell and Dave Brown and certainly didn't need me. Lance, in particular, was one of the businesses all time great voices and a man of class and integrity which there wasn't an abundance of in many old school, wrestling territories.

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