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Here are the quick results but like all the other live reports say, it's night and day with the TV product.

--They held a ten bell salute for Randy Savage before the show.

-Kazarian pinned Robbie E. with a top rope elbowdrop.

-TNA Knockouts champion Mickie James pinned Madison Rayne with a DDT.

-Matt Morgan pinned Pope Dinero with the Carbon Footprint.

-AJ Styles pinned Tommy Dreamer with a Pele Kick after slipping out of a Spicoli Driver. Dreamer cut a decent promo before the match saying the fans have forgotten all he did for them.

--They introduced some of the legends here in town for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony, including Nick Bockwinkel, JJ Dillon, Dan Hodge, Billy Robinson, Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering, Destroyer Dick Beyer and more.

-Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett with a Tazmission. Jarrett was gold on the mic.

-Rob Van Dam pinned Mr. Anderson with a Frog Splash. Anderson tried to go after Mick Foley afterward but was run off with Mr. Socko.

The only thing I didn't get is this - why was Joe a babyface and Anderson a heel tonight?

They switch these guys back and forth so much, it's like they are all the modern day equivalent of Paul Orndorff back in the day where you just throw up your hands and don't care about them because they switch so often.

That said, a decent house show. They kept things simple and to the point and it was fun, which is all I want out of my pro wrestling.

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