Jim Ross's Extensive Blog On The Death Of Randy Savage

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Jim Ross's Extensive Blog On The Death Of Randy Savage

Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross wrote an extensive blog entry about the life and career of the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage. You can read all Jim's blogs at http://www.JRSBARBQ.com/

"It's been a challenging week. First, the untimely death Thursday of 22 year old Oklahoma Sooners middle linebacker and a young man I befriended, Austin Box. Today we get the shocking news of the death of Randy Savage. Life is so fragile.....a few thoughts.

I was never close to Randy Savage but I had immense respect for his in ring work. Savage was a gifted high flier, had uncanny crowd psychology and a tough, athletic persona that could not be duplicated.

'Macho Man' Randy Savage was a legit star in the world of pro wrestling and one of the most famous wrestlers of any era.

My first exposure to Savage was in the early to mid 80's when Bill Watts was preparing to bring Savage into the Mid South territory. We had received several interviews and other video tape from Randy to compile 4-6 weeks of introductory vignettes that would intro Savage to the Mid South TV audience most of who had never seen 'Macho Man' Randy Savage in person.

I can still vividly remember working with fellow Watts employee Scott Munz on the edit of the vignettes while writing copy and then voicing over the features.

Ironically, after working several long nights on this project the vignettes never aired. Savage never made it to Mid South.

At that time, according to a text message earlier today from Watts himself, Savage was running 'opposition' against the Jarrett/Lawler 'Tennessee' territory. This business strategy put Savage on the wrong side of many promoters especially those who were friends of Jarrett and company and certainly those who supported NWA camps.

According to Watts, Savage was in need of bookings and the paydays that went along with them and wanted to come to work for the big Cowboy. I recall looking at the footage of Savage with Bill and we were both obviously impressed with what we saw.

Watts had a good relationship at that time with Jerry Jarrett, they even did a talent trade once upon a time that helped both territories, and Bill knew that if Jarrett/Lawler/Savage could work together that they could all make money as the volatile 'opposition' plot line had received main stream, local publicity and had piqued the publics interest.

Watts was able to help broker 'peace' between Jarrett and Savage by having, as I recall, a very stern, man to man talk with Savage about missed opportunities and the fact that most old school promoters would always look upon Randy unfavorably because of his family running opposition especially if Randy was not willing to extend the olive branch.

The rest is essentially wrestling history. Peace was restored in the Jarrett/Lawler/Savage area while King and Macho Man launched one of the hottest issues ever in the business. The two artisans sold out the legendary Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky that held well over 20,000 fans with more fans buying tickets to that event than virtually any other indoor event of that era including such famous arenas as Madison Square Garden.

In 1985 Savage roared into the WWE and his star was hung prominently for the entire world to see and did it ever shine brightly!

BTW after Savage left WWE and doing huge business while earning mega bucks, Randy called Bill Watts to thank Bill for Cowboy's advice back in the day which eventually got Savage noticed as a potential, main event acquisition for WWE.

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