'WWE Over The Limit' Results - Cena & Orton Retain, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Orton beat Christian back to his feet and landed a backbreaker for a two count. Orton then stomped on Christian and landed a knee drop to the head for a two count. Orton went for an RKO, and we had another couple of reversals before Orton got Christian in a inverted boston crab. Christian was able to make it to the ropes to break up the hold. More dueling chants.

Later in the match, Orton was able to hit the DDT from the second rope for a two count. Orton then started pounding the mat and went for the RKO, but Christian pushed him off. Christian then started yelling for the spear. Christian went for it, but was met with a powerslam for another two count. Ortton then went for a punt, but decided against it. He finally decided to go for it, but was met with a spear from Christian! Christian covered Orton... one... two... kickout!

Christian then went for the killswitch, but we have another series of reversals that ends with Orton hitting the RKO and getting the pin! Great match.

Randy Orton defeated Christan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Orton goes to leave the ring but has second thoughts. He then helps Christian get up, but Christian shoves him off. Christian goes to leave, but gets back in the ring, shakes Orton's hand and quickly embraces the champ before taking off to the back.

Kiss My Foot Match
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Lawler comes to the ring first. Cole then comes to the ring wearing a suit and limping. Cole takes the mic and says that he's medically prohibited from competing tonight. He says that his doctor states, "and I quote," that his athlete's foot has become infected and he can't compete since Lawler can contract foot and mouth disease if he puts his foot in Lawler's mouth. He then shows the note to the ref. The ref tears the note up and asks for the bell.

Lawler immediately starts wailing away on Cole, and rips Cole's suit off. Lawler hit another punch and a drop kick, sending Cole to the outside. Lawler followed, and Cole managed to smash Lawler's face in the ringside steps. Cole did it again and then threw Lawler into the rindside barrier. Cole then took his show and sock off, and he foot looked pretty disgusting. Cole waved the foot in Lawler's face but Lawler caught it and then proceeded to throw Cole through the Cole Mine!

Lawler got Cole back in the ring, went to the second rope, pulled the strap down and landed a punch from the second rope for the win.

Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole

After the match, Lawler calls Eve to the ring. Eve stood over Cole, then climbed to the top rope and hit a moonsault. Lawler then took his boot off as the crowd chanted "Jerry." Before he pulled his sock off, he motioned back to the stage and JR's music hit. Jim Ross came to the ring. JR took out some BBQ sauce from his pocket and poured it all over Cole, in his mouth and all over his face. Cole then retreated to the back, and Lawler demanded that he come back to kiss his foot. Cole took the mic on the stage and said that while it may look like he lost, he didn't, and called everyone "losers." Cole said no matter what you do or did, I never did -- and never will -- kiss your foot. Bret Hart's music then hit!

"The Hitman" chased Cole to the ring and threw him in the ring. Hart then put Cole in the sharpshooter. Lawler then proceeded to stick his foot in Cole's mouth as the crowd erupted. Lawler then embraced Hart, and celebrated with Hart, Eve and Ross.

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