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Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth

Truth cut a promo on the crowd saying they should be booing themselves, not him. He then said "it's all about parking spots" and he didn't have one when he arrived to the arena. He said he had to park with the rest of the fans, and he deserves a whole lot better, and that it might work for the "stank filled hippies" in Seattle. He said it's a conspiracy, he's danced for all the "little Jimmy's" and it got him nowhere. He said that he doesn't play games, but Rey Mysterio does. He then said he's going to take Mysterio's spot, and anyone's spot that he wants.

Mysterio took the early advantage and managed to get Truth outside of the ring, where Mysterio followed with a flying hurricarana from the ring apron. Truth took the advantage back in the ring.

Truth stayed in control of the match, getting several two-counts. Mysterio regained the advantage after Truth climbed to the top rope, but was nailed with a giant bulldog from the top rope for a two count. Mysterio followed up with a splash for a two count, and a kick for another one. Mysterio tried to fly off the ropes, but was met with a corkscrew elbow from Truth. Truth got a two count.

After a series of reversals, Mysterio got Truth in position for the 619, but Truth slid out of the ring. Mysterio started to follow up, but Truth dropped Mysterio face first on the ring apron. Truth then clotheslined Mysterio on the ring floor. Truth got Mysterio back in the ring, hit the downward spriral and pinned Mysterio clean. Decent opener.

R-Truth pinned Rey Mysterio.

After the match, Truth got a bottle of water, drank a bit and then smashed it in Mysterio's face.

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