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"I Quit" Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. The Miz

This Miz takes the mic and does the same promo from last Monday night, except noted that since there are no rules, Alex Riley can help him. Riley took his shirt off and is ready to wrestle. Miz tells Cena to save himself the embarrassment and say to quit, but Cena says "Hell no" and the match is on. Cena quickly disposed of Riley and threw him outside of the ring and turned his attention to Miz. Cena was pounding away on Miz when Riley got in the ring and attacked Cena.

Cena was able to hit the AA on Miz early, but was then met with Riley nailing him with the briefcase. They hit a double powerbomb and the ref asked Cena if he quit, which he didn't.

Cena and Riley continued to double team Cena, and Cena continued to refuse to quit. Riley and Miz setup the announcer's table and each grabbed a monitor and double teamed Cena with it, but Cena still refused to quit. Cena managed to get in a spurt of offense, only to be thrown into the ringside steps by Miz. Miz then DDT'd Cena on the top of the ring steps and Cena, you guessed it, refused to quit. Riley picked up the ring steps and Miz told Cena to quit before Riley smashes Cena's ribs with it. "Go to hell," replied Cena, and Riley dropped the steps.

Riley got in the ring and grabbed Cena's arms whole Miz grabbed a kendo stick. Miz asked Cena again, and Cena told Miz that he hit like a girl. Miz then started nailing Cena in the midsection with the stick. Cena said "no" again and Miz wailed away on Cena with the stick. Cena collapsed to the ground, and still wouldn't quit. Miz then nailed Cena with the stick over the head.

Riley and Miz continued to double team Cena up towards the stage. Once they got to the stage, Miz suplexed Cena on the steel grate. Miz then charged Cena and kicked him in the face. A barely conscious Cena said he wouldn't quit. The assault continued with Miz taking the belt off of a cameraman. Miz took the mic and asked Cena to quit before he starts to get whipped repeatedly. Cena said "You've got a leather strap but you've got no nuts." Miz then started whipping away at Cena's back with the strap while Miz continued to whip away. Cena again refused and Miz asked Riley to get him a chair and started dragging Cena to the ring.

Cena started to fight back from a moment, but Miz used the chair from Riley and nailed Cena in the stomach and back with it. Miz got Cena back in the ring and missed with a chair shot. Cena started to right back. Riley got in the ring, but Cena threw him into the ref and the ref is knocked out. Miz then knocked Cena on the ground and setup a chair on the ropes. Miz then hit a messy SCF on the chair and Riley got the mic. Cena still refused, and the ref is still out.

Miz said if you won't listen to me, then you should listen to the crowd. He asked some kids at ringside if he should quit, and the kid said no. Miz nailed Cena again and told the kid that he wouldn't stop until Cena says he quit. Miz then asks the kids to tell Cena to quit, and they say no.

Cena is then hit in the head with a mic. Cena really has taken an ungodly amount of punishment in this match, he'll be feeling it tomorrow. Miz then grabbed the mic and a chair and told Cena that he was going to hit him repeatedly with it unless he quits. He told Cena that he won't stop, and Cena's can't win. Cena refused and Miz nailed Cena with a hard chairshot to the head. A recorded voice yelled "I Quit," which obviously wasn't Cena, similar to the Rock - Mankind match at the Royal Rumble in the late '90s. As the ref went to grab the belt, he saw Riley's cell phone and listened to it, and heard that it wasn't Cena saying "I Quit." The ref ordered the match to restart.

Riley charged at Cena with the belt, but Cena ducked and Riley hit Miz. Cena then hit the AA on Riley through the announcer's table. Cena then looked down at Miz and took off his belt. Cena then started whipping Miz with his belt all the way up the ramp to the stage. He then locked the STF on the Miz at the top of the ramp and the Miz yelled "I Quit." Bad match.

John Cena defeated the Miz to retain the WWE Championship.

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