Credit: Aaron R. and Pwinsider

Here are some notes from Over the Limit last night:

-The Upper Bowl of Key Arena was 3/4 closed off.

-There was a few empty seats scattered but pretty full.

-Daniel Bryan got a great pop being the hometown kid and going over Drew McIntyre.

-The Show opened with the WM27 Tribute/DVD Video and a National Guard Video before the Dark Match.

-People were not into the Wade/Jackson match until the rest of the Corre ran in.

-Del Rio got a pop when talking about the Canadian Immigrants.

-Having JR and Bret Hart show up sent the crowd into a frenzy

Biggest Pops (not in order)
Daniel Bryan
Jim Ross
Bret Hart
BBQ Sauce
Booker T
John Cena
Jerry Lawler
Ref who tore up Cole's DR Note

Biggest Heat (not in order)
Michael Cole
Del Rio
Orton after going over Christian (in my section my son was really upset)

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