As reported on Friday, Terry Taylor has left TNA and has been replaced by Bruce Prichard as the head of Talent Relations. While it was initially reported that Taylor was resigning, the decision was made internally to make a change and go with Prichard. The call was made by Dixie Carter, and Taylor is staying on through the end of the month to make it a smooth transition.

The change came as a surprise as far as Prichard replacing Taylor, as many thought D'Lo Brown was seen as next in line for the role. Brown is currently working as the head agent on TNA live events. Taylor was liked personally by many of the wrestlers, and were some wrestlers privately complaining due to Prichard having a bad reputation in some circles among the wrestlers.

Prichard will work along with TNA's Chief Financial Offier, Dean Broadhead in his new position, but any major signings or decisions will be subject to Dixie and Janice Carter's approval.

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