-- WrestlingINC.com reader Don Parker sent this in: I was at the Red Sox/ Cubs game on Friday (the day of Savage's death) and at about the fifth inning they played Savage's music and everyone started yelling "oooh yeah" and imitating him, though I think most people didn't even know what had happened. Later in the game when the Sox exploded with their offense, every time they scored they played Savage saying "oooh yeah" over the speakers, and the crowd started to chant "Randy Savage." It was pretty cool, but kinda sad, as I don't think most people knew he died.

-- The song that played during the Randy Savage tribute on RAW last night was The Scientist by Coldplay.

-- As many of you noticed, CM Punk paid tribute to Randy Savage once again last night on RAW, as he donned the pink star trunks and yellow boots that Savage used to wear in the late 80s. Punk also paid tribute to Savage the night before at Over The Limit, where he performed Savage's distinct top rope flying elbow.

-- Speaking of Punk, he hasn't been victorious on a PPV in a year. His PPV losing streak began at last year's Over The Limit, where he was defeated by Rey Mysterio.

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