WWE paid tribute to the late Randy Savage on RAW with an "In Memory of" graphic at the beginning of the show and a video package showcasing his career prior to the evening's main event.

The package highlighted his legendary match with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at WrestleMania III, on-screen relationship with Miss Elizabeth, trademark mannerisms and other career milestones.

Prior to the airing of the video, Jerry Lawler said of the wrestling legend, "Savage will always be a Hall of Famer, no matter what."

CM Punk punctuated the Savage tribute by wearing "Macho Man" style yellow boots and pink trunks during the RAW main event.

John Cena posted a fan's remark on Twitter regarding Punk's tribute. It reads: "pink trunks, yellow knee pads? How gay are you? I'm returning your action feagure to the store. I'll choose @JohnCena instead."

Cena responded, "Please don't. It was a tribute to randy savage. It was f'n awsome. I was proud to be out there with him."

In case you missed our post earlier, you can check out the WWE's tribute to Savage below:

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