Thanks to reader Anthony White for sending us these live notes from last night's RAW:

- First off, I am in the military and received a very good seat for free. WWE definitely takes care of the men and women of the Armed Forces.

- The Rose Garden was about 60% full. None of the upper level seats were sold and were tarped off.

- Bret Hart received a very good pop when he was introduced by Jerry "The King" Lawler.

- R-Truth received massive heat after taking "The Hitman's" sunglasses from the kid in the front row. Bret Hart returned the glasses to the kid after the promo.

- The Big Show getting run over and Kharma's emotional breakdown had the majority of the crowd chanting "boring" through the segments.

- Michael Cole also received heat and a "YOU SUCK TOE" chant.

- The Randy Savage video received a good ovation along with a loud "Macho Man" chant afterwards.

- Alex Riley received a big pop after beating up the Miz.

- The crowd was about 70-30 for Cena. There was a "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant going throughout the show during intermission and the tag team match.

- After Raw, the Miz came out and asked for Riley to come down. John Cena said Miz did not want to suffer the embarrassment of being beat by a rookie two times in one night. Then Cena said the Miz was done with Cena on RAW as told by the GM, but RAW was off the air and Cena gave the Miz an AA and the Miz screamed "I Quit" into a mic held by Rey Mysterio. Cena's music then hit as the show ended.

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