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On Savage In The WWE HOF: I have no idea if or when Randy Savage will be inducted into the WWE HOF or if he will go in with his former wife and valet, the late Miss Elizabeth. As I have said many times, it is obvious that both are deserving.

On Alex Riley: I was impressed with the interaction between Alex Riley and The Miz Monday night on Raw as was, seemingly, the live audience in Portland. I am intrigued to see where Riley on Smackdown, I assume, and Miz, continue to evolve. Riley looked very impressive doling out the physicality on Miz on MNR.

On Tag team Wrestling: What is the future of tag team wrestling? I don't have a firm answer on that one except to say that today's tag team wrestling scene leaves a great deal to be desired. You've heard that here before.

On Over the Limit: It was fun to be a part of the Lawler-Cole bout Sunday at Over the Limit in the Key Arena and I was especially excited to discover once I arrived at the arena that @BretHart was in the house.

Loved the Orton-Christian match and felt like it was the show stealer on the PPV. Two really skilled guys and once again it showed that Christian is underrated but is an important facet of Friday Night Smackdown. Orton is a major star, without question, but his best days should lie ahead.

R Truth seems to have finally found a viable niche and he is one of the brighter aspects on Raw. Truth is embracing his new persona and I happen to think it fits him well.

Enjoyed calling the one match at OTL but would have loved to have been able to be sitting at the announce desk for Orton-Christian. I was impressed with the physical toughness of Cena, Miz and Riley. Leather straps, chairs, bouncing off steel, etc are no fun to experience and all three gutted out the 'I Quit' match which is a challenging piece of business with which to navigate for the athletes and even for the announcers.

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