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-- Randy Orton recently wrote about an embarrassing flying story. Apparently he sat down on what he believed to be his connecting flight to St. Louis, but then found out that the flight he was on was a flight to Fayetteville, NC. He told the flight crew, and was then escorted to the correct flight. Here is the story from Orton himself, from his Twitter account:

"So I'm sitting on my connection home to st louis, and the capt says on the pa,'I want to make sure everyones going to Fayetteville'

"Turned out I was on the wrong plane! Had to walk across on tarmac to the right one and the door was already closed!

"Capt and I made eye contact, and he just shook his head in disappointment. They ended up letting me on, and we r bout to take off.

"I think my face is still bright red"

-- SPOILER ALERT: As noted late last night here on the website, Armando Alejandro Estrada returned at last night's WWE SmackDown! tapings in Spokane, WA. He appeared on Superstars, managing Tyson Kidd. According to a source, Estrada met with WWE officials about a possible return several months ago while in Long Island, NY.

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