Eric Bischoff Speaks Out - Impact Wrestling, Sinclair/ROH

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Source: Martin H/Monday Night Mayhem

Christian's short title reign was brought up. Bischoff was asked about short title reigns. Bischoff said there's no formulaic answer as it depended on each case, story. Generally speaking, he said short title reigns are risky as fans don't get a chance to grasp it. But he said you cannot make a generalization for it, it may or may not work well depending on many circumstances. He has no idea.

Talk on Chyna on TNA. Bischoff says that's a good question but he is not going to answer it because it will be inappropriate.

Worst injury Bischoff has seen would be the Sid Vicious leg break. He said that was pretty disgusting. He has seen scary ones with Marcus Bagwell breaking his neck as you weren't sure how bad it was until the results came out. Visually, it would be Sid Vicious.

How important is it to have an established star/veteran to show up at a TNA live event? BaseBrawl is brought up. Bischoff loves going to non-televised events, house shows, as it's a different kind of experience. He said fans are so passionate. He wishes Flair, Hogan, even him get to go to those. He said he wishes he had more time to do it as it would be great for business. He said it would give back to the fans as you're giving the big stars and it looks more to what it looks like on TV. Bischoff said Dixie mentioned that going the extra mile for the fans at house shows. At first, it didn't sit well with Bischoff, but he said after thinking about it, it's smart. He said dollars are hard to come by, and ticket prices are high. People are struggling in today's economy. He said nothing is better than to have the big stars show up at the house shows.

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