Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More
Credit: Jeff Sheridan & PWInsider

1.NOTE FROM JEFF: For those that only wanna read the Poffo interview segments, scroll down to #22 & 24. Also next week I'll have to listen to Sunday's [6/5] replay of the 6/4 show due to commitments that I need to do that day, so if you see that report either on 6/5 or the next day 6/6, that's why. As for the following weekend of 6/11 & 6/12, due to other commitments that I need to attend, I unfortunately won't be able to cover that weeks show. So your next report after the 6/4 episode will be the 6/18 episode. Anyhow he starts the show at 10:03 AM with the usual "Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy".

2.Hillbilly says you ain't gotta worry about the door being open, says that Spike always leaves it open in Mud Lick, Kentucky, then says "it's me, it's me" & then introduces himself. He tells fans to come on in, says that he's been sitting, looking & waiting for you on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend & says a day or 2 from now it'll be Memorial Day. He says he's celebrating this weekend, hopes that you'll have fun & says hi to Spike. He says he'll have a great show today, says by looking at the log of great tunes that he's got & says Spike's got the barrel of hits that's holiday sizzling. He says he'll wet your whistle by telling you on what you'll hear in the 1st hour.

Hillbilly says it'll be Willie Nelson, George Strait, John Anderson, George Jones, John Michael Montgomery, Shooter & Waylon Jennings, Canned Heat, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle & more. He again says it's Memorial Day weekend where it's to honor on all of our fallen heroes & to those that's served our country well, tells them that he loves & respects them & says there'd be no USA without them. He then says that he's got a memorial that he needs to talk about, says that he recently lost a good buddy last weekend who was a wrestler & was a true, absolute legendary character, "Macho Man" Randy Savage: .

Hillbilly says Randy left us too early, says he'll talk more about that throughout the show & says he's got real feelings that he needs to share with you. He says he'll talk about the 1st time he met Randy & other things about him, says he'll dedicate the show to Randy who's gone but will never be forgotten & tells fans to hold onto their horses. He says he'll kick it off with the tune "Memorial Day".

3.Plays James McMurtry's "Memorial Day", Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Drunken Poet's Dream", Steve Earle's Hillbilly Jim promo & Steve Earle's "Hillbilly Highway".

4.Hillbilly says he just broke the seal on this weeks edition of the show, asked fans if they're feeling it & if they've got their grills going out there. He says the kids are out running, yelling & looking for water, hopes that y'all being safe & says he wants you to be here for him & Spike for all times in the future. He says he don't wanna lose anyone on this weekend while having fun, says there was a big time occurring last week & says he's starring at Spike to where he got all caught up with that armageddon thing. He says it's where a preacher [Harold Camping]: predicted that the world was gonna end [on 5/21].

Hillbilly says the world didn't end, says there was some trouble in his area to where Spike, the Johnson boys, Connie Tipton & Bos Quaker all got full of suds, then was crying by saying goodbye to each other & says that it was the worst Oprah moment that you'd ever see in your lives. He says he had to get a "tobacca" stick, whipped all of them to shape & ran them away from there. He also told them to shut up with all of the silliness, says they were really trying to get away from working the farm the next day, says there was chores to be done & since they weren't gonna do them, he told them to shut up & go. He again says he's got a good weekend coming up.

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