Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Hillbilly asks as to what will he do with these hillbilly boys in the country, tells Billy Joe Shaver to come & tell him about it & says it's occurring nationwide. He again says it's Memorial Day weekend.

31.Plays Billy Joe Shaver's "Good Ol' USA", Dave Alvin's "King Of California", Jerry Jeff Walker's Hillbilly Jim promo & Jerry Jeff Walker's "Alright Guy".

32.Hillbilly again plugs the toll free request line, asks Spike if he's ready for his "[Spike's] Education Corner" segment, then says that Spike's response to that was that since it's the Memorial Day weekend he'll be getting off the hook & tells him to write some stuff down, because he's trying to educate him. He asks Spike as to what red vegetable's a member of the mustard family & got it's name from the Greek word that means "fast appearing". He says Spike should know it because he's eaten beans, tators, cornbread & says it's a radish. He asks Spike as to what Tammy Wynette's famous for, says her most famous song was "Stand By Your Man", says Tammy was married 5 times & stood by 5 of them.

Hillbilly says that presidents are usually smart & well educated, says that there's been 8 presidents that has never been to college & says they're [George] Washington, [Andrew] Jackson, [Martin] Van Buren, [Zachary] Taylor, [Millard] Fillmore, [Abraham] Lincoln, A. [Andrew] Johnson & [Grover] Cleveland. He says we think that we've got poverty in America, says we do & says we don't know as to how good it is. He says the average poor person in the sub part of Africa has an estimated yearly income of $255 USD & tells Spike not to scream at him when he pays him $10 to strip some "tobacca".

33.Plays Jimbo Mathus' "Jimmy The Kid", North Mississippi Allstars' "Jumpercable Blues", Southern Culture On The Skids' "40 Miles To Vegas" & NRBQ's "C'Mon Everybody".

34.Hillbilly says he's sliding down at the Memorial Day weekend show, again introduces himself & Spike who're in Mud Lick & again says the show's dedicated to the servicemen & ladies worldwide & to Savage. He thanks Lanny Poffo for coming on the show, says that not to many people knew this but Randy held 20 championships in his career & mentions that he was a 10 time world champ, 2 time WWF champ, 4 time WCW champ, 3 time ICW champ, 1 time USWA unified champ & the WWF IC champ. He says WWE recently announced that Randy was the greatest champ of all time & credited him for bringing a higher level of credibility to the title with his amazing in ring performance.

Hillbilly says he'll play a tune ["America The Beautiful"] that for his part could replace the National Anthem, says that's how good the song is & says to sit back & reflect on all the wonderful things that we've got in this country.

35.Plays Ray Charles' "America The Beautiful", a clip of Savage on some TV show talking about being the Macho Man & his WWF belt, Marty Stuart's "Now That's Country", Red Foley & Ernest Tubb's "Hillbilly Fever".

36.Hillbilly says that the clock on the wall that's in the makeshift studio that's in the barn's telling him that he's gotta go. He says he & Spike have to do some grilling, says he's gotta get a big ol' Polish sausage sandwich with some heeping pound of mustard on it, some relish, maybe some pickles & some tator salad with some sweet tea. He says Memorial Day weekend's been fine for him, says he's had a great show & says he's been so honored today to do a Memorial Day weekend show for y'all. He hopes you've enjoyed it along the way by putting up with him, thanks Savage, Lanny Poffo & says he'll return next week at the same time doing it again for y'all.

Hillbilly says he'll lay it on heavy & thick around the edges, says he may come on with a big ol' bear skin coat on & whoop the tar out of Spike live on the air. He asks for someone to ring the bell & let him get at it, tells fans to stay tuned to the Sirius XM lineup for the weekend & says it'll get faster & hotter. He then says on the 4th hour of Cowboy Jack Clement's show for this week they'll replay The Americana Honors & Awards event that occured in New York City that had performances with Levon Helm, the Dirt Farmer Quartet, Rosanne Cash, Jim Lauderdale & the Civil Wars. He says it's gonna be good: .

Hillbilly says he ain't here for a long time, he's here's for a good time & says we've had it today. He tells Percy that we love him, says he'll keep it red, white & blue today by thinking about Savage. He says God bless to the fans, says this is The Charlie Daniels Band's "In America" & says he'll see you next week.

37.Ends with The Charlie Daniels Band's "In America" & the show ends at an overtime on 2:18 PM.

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