Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Hillbilly says it's a red, white & blue weekend with great tunes like this ["Live Forever"] & says it was written by Billy Joe Shaver. He says it's sung so good by a Texas legend, Joe Ely.

5.Plays Joe Ely's "Live Forever", Billy Joe Shaver's "Freedom's Child", a Savage promo talking about Ricky Steamboat & Canned Heat's "Let's Work Together".

6.Hillbilly says "Let's Work Together" is something that he does on the show for y'all so he can be sure to have a good weekly show. He says while talking about the Memorial Day weekend he earlier spoke about Savage's passing to where he again says that he's dedicating the show to him. He says he was indirectly involved in getting Randy to the WWF because he himself was the 1st to get into it from the southern boys & brought Jimmy Hart: . He says Hart in return brought in Randy, says that once you lose a buddy like that you'd start going back to memory lane & then start thinking about all the memories that flood your minds.

Hillbilly says he remembers when he 1st met Randy he was in the wrestling business during the 1st 6 to 8 months of his career, says that he saw that Randy's ICW [International Championship Wrestling]: promotion was having a show at the JC Sports Pavilion & says at that moment, he wanted to say hi to the wrestlers. He says at the time he had a big ol' beard, 295 lbs & says he saw Randy, his dad Angelo Poffo: & Randy's brother "Leapin'" Lanny Poffo: . He says they didn't know if he was coming for trouble because at that time, all those indys kind of battling against each other.

Hillbilly says he actually introduced himself by presenting a rose, says he didn't have a malice, says he just showed up by saying hi, told Randy that he's new in wrestling & was hoping that things will work out for him. He says that Randy's response was [in an impersonation]: "brother, I can look at you & can tell you right now that you'll do well in this business". He says the voice he just impersonated was really on how Randy spoke, says he loved Randy, says he'll talk more about him from time to time by going down memory lane & talk about 1 of the greatest icons of all time that's stepped into the squared circle. Hillbilly says that this next block of tunes goes out to those that's ever served the US military, says that wherever they were & what time it was & says they laid down their lives for us. He says we're forever appreciative, thanks them for doing so & says he'll play 1 of the greatest patriotic tunes of all time, "Tonight In America".

7.Plays David Lynn Jones' "Tonight In America", Waylon Jennings' "America", Larry The Cable Guy's Hillbilly Jim promo & Shooter Jennings' "Good Ol' Boys [Dukes Of Hazzard theme]".

8.Hillbilly says it's hotter then a firecracker, says that he & Spike are down home on the ol' hog place in Mud Lick & says he's "The Unofficial Mayor Of Mud Lick". He asks you to call him, says to not make him come to your houses & put a step over chicken wing toe hold on you. He says that can happen, says he did that to Spike to where he was clucking like a rooster & then plugs 888-OK-OUTLAW, his email [email protected] & his site . He says he'll play a block of tunes & when he returns, it's time to get jiggy about the outdoors. He says he knows you're out at the ol' pool, the ol' swamp caster house or whatever you're doing.

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