Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Hillbilly says if you're out shooting "skeeks" he'll have Uncle Percy tell you on what's going on & says he'll dedicate this block of tunes to some fans of the show. He says they're Lester Lee in Portland, Tennessee, Chad Litchtee in Butler, Wisconsin, again says that the block of tunes will be dedicated to them & asks fans to call their friends, because it's time to span the globe & give you some international woods & waters reporting.

9.Plays John Anderson's "Straight Tequila Night", George Strait's "Fool Hearted Memory" & Willie Nelson's "Freight Train Boogie".

10.Hillbilly tells fans in Charleston, West Virginia & Met Calf County, Kentucky & Ravensburg, Germany & Dairy Church, Pennsylvania by thanking them for being a part of the weekend & letting him be a part of your weekend. He says it's a special time there, says it's special now in the studio because he's got someone that's hotter then a $2.00 pistol & says it's Percy who's on the phone. Percy says he's happier then a Frenchman in a commission filled with hotel maids, Hillbilly says that's the kind of entertainment they need & says there was 1 that was happy for a while, but now has a sad face [Arnold Schwarzenegger]. Percy says that may be a good thing for him if "Ma" found out about him doing something like that. Hillbilly says that's what Arnold Schwarzenegger thought but it didn't turn out good, Percy agrees & asked as to how's things in Kentucky. Hillbilly says he's as happy as he can be, again says it's Memorial Day weekend & says everyone's 'scuring" around. He says you know how hillbillies are, says that you can't buy hot dog buns in his county & Percy agrees with that. He says he's out on the water catching "tarfin", says he's in "Sarda Malls" just laying on the front of a boat & says he's had a heck of a day to where he caught 4 fish. Hillbilly says Percy knows how to live his life, says that he's envious of him & says he's looking at Spike to where he's looking at him, to where it looks as if he'll buy Spike supper.

Percy says someone's gonna have to due to that Spike can't handle his own money well, Hillbilly says he'll have to Fred Fitcher's refrigerator & get 1 of them frozen "possum lasagnas" & says that's what Spike will have for supper with some cold Past Blue Ribbon. He says that's more then what Spike deserves, Percy says he'll let Hillbilly work that out with Spike & says Spike may grab his sandwich if he don't watch out. He says the fishing in his area's great, says that all he's gotta say is "tarfin, tarfin, tarfin" & says every boat that he sees people are catching them. He says everything's going good, says there's a bass tournament tomorrow afternoon at the St. Johns River North & says he'll check that out.

Percy says fishing in Florida's something that he very seldom goes to, says that it's really good this time of the year & Hillbilly asks if he & "Ma" ain't a part of no witness protection program. He says he didn't know that the Mandobergs roll like that, Percy says it's on credit & says as long as those people keep sending them credit cards, they can do it. Hillbilly says that Percy's accumulating generations of debt for Spike, Percy says yes & says every time he goes there, it always makes him think about Ernest Hemingway: . He says Hillbilly's a big man that's taken on some of the biggest & asks if he remembers stories about when Ernest lived in Key West.

Percy says Ernest used to take a $100 bill, put it on the water & says anyone that can beat him up can take it. Hillbilly says that Ernest was an amazing boxer & was a physical culture guy, says that Ernest was also a renaissance man in many ways & says he wrote novels to where they were amazing. He says when you saw on what a tough, strapping man Ernest was, he was a man's man & Percy agrees. He says that he thinks about Ernest when he's in Montana & now in Florida, says the only thing Ernest did that he himself would've changed is that he wouldn't commit suicide if he was having much fun. Hillbilly says he never would've had all of those 14 toed cats that Percy's got in his house.

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