Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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14.Hillbilly asks if "It Came Out Of The Sky" puts a big ol' Hillbilly Jim atomic legdrop on you, then says he discovered that in our homes to where most of our energy expenses is something important, because everyone's worried about money. He says that 60% of our energy bills comes from appliances that we use such as a washer, dryer, TV, mixers, blenders & a microwave oven. He asks Spike if he knows what a microwave oven is, says it's not something that you set out in the back to where the patio is & says that's a "hillbilly microwave oven". He tells Spike to stop while he still can, then tells fans to get their calendars & write down 6/3.

Hillbilly says if there's any fans in Riverton, Illinois to go to the Old 36 Inn: & see his buddy [Chris Knight] who's a fellow Kentuckian. He says the guy's a bit of Bob Dylan who can take a song, write it & bring it to you. He says he loves the guy so much, says the guy's been on the show many times & says the song ["Rita's Only Fault"] is from an album that he did in his trailer called "The Trailer Tapes": . He says it's as bear & stripped down as you can get it & says it's like Spike in his underwear.

15.Plays Chris Knight's "Rita's Only Fault", Guy Clark's "Rita Ballou", David Allan Coe's Hillbilly Jim promo & David Allan Coe's "Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior".

16.Hillbilly asked fans as to how come you don't call him, says that he's looking out for you & says to not make him come to you & get all up in your refrigerators. He says he'll eat up all of your baloney & cheese "sandmiches", drink your quarter of buttermilk, then have Spike come over & clear out the cabinets & says that can happen. He says the smell [from Spike] that'll be left behind is something you don't wanna know about, says that baking soda & ammonia can't get that out, then tells fans to call him because it won't cost you a red copper & says he's got you a good deal. He again plugs the toll free request line, then says he's got some Springsteen ["The Promised Land"] & Elvis ["Promised Land"] music to play for you.

Hillbilly says it'll be the same name in the song but they'll sound differently, then plugs the "Bruce & Stevie show" that'll have his buddy Little Steven Van Zandt who'll host a special show this weekend at Sirius XM's Underground Garage with Springsteen on ch.21: . He says it's a 5 & a 1/2 hour show that'll be on tonight [5/28] at 8 PM EST, 5/29 at Noon EST & Memorial Day at 4 PM EST. He says it'll be super-informative, says it'll be entertaining & asks as to how can it not be with Little Steven & Springsteen. He asks you to tune in for that & enjoy it, says he'll kick it off with 1 of The Boss' greatest songs that Little Steven's playing guitar on it.

17.Plays Bruce Springsteen's "The Promised Land", Elvis Presley's "Promised Land", Emmylou Harris' "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double" & Bobby Bare's "Drunk & Crazy".

18.Hillbilly says he's feeling his oats in the country, says that he & Spike are there & says they're sliding down the log into the hour & says they ain't done. He says he saw something the other day that blew his mind to where he saw that there's a home in Sweet Grass, Montana that's got a bedroom here in the USA & a kitchen in

Canada & says it's on the border. He says he's trying to think about the economics on this as to what were the politicians playing games & stuff like that, he's wondering that if you've got a home with a bedroom in the USA & a kitchen in Canada, he wonders if the person has to pay taxes in both countries.

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