Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Hillbilly says that'd be so wrong, says that has to be a concern & guarantees that there's some politician out there who's trying to get some money off from that. He says he'll leave the hour, says that he's got something that you'll love by playing you a Memorial Day weekend classic ["Big Fat Girlfriend"] & says this guy [Kenny Lee] is proclaimed as "The King Of Heavy Blues". He says it's someone who's considered a living legend in the country of Iceland, says that the guy's big over there & asks as to how can you not be with great tunes like this. He says the song's for all the "hill-billions", rebels, misfits & to those that's wondering on how to handle a woman who's large & in charge.

19.Plays Kenny Lee's "Big Fat Girlfriend", George Thorogood's "1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer" & Merle Haggard's "Big City".

20.Hillbilly asked fans if they're having a Memorial Day weekend bash, hopes that he provided you some entertainment along the way & says he's feeling it up in Mud Lick. He says he's viewing the next block of tunes that Spike's stirred up the moonshine barrel of hits to where it looks good. He says he sees The Marshall Tucker Band, Travis Tritt, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., Flynnville Train, Bill Monroe, Tom T. Hall & more. He says after the break he'll have a special guest, says he's happy this weekend because he's honoring Savage with his brother, "The Genius" Lanny Poffo who'll be on the show & says he'll be on for a couple of breaks.

Hillbilly says both will talk about Savage's amazing life, tells fans to return by calling their friends by saying that Lanny will be on soon & says he'll have fun with that.

21.Plays Ben Waters & Rolling Stones' "Watching The River Flow", Bob Dylan's "Jolene", Delbert McClinton's "Had A Real Good Time" & Lefty Frizzell's "If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time".

22.Hillbilly welcomes back the fans on this edition of the show to where he again says it's his Memorial Day weekend show, says he's celebrating all the heroes that's served America well & says anyone that's served in the military he loves & appreciates them. He again says he's dedicating the show to Savage who was 1 of the best wrestling technicians, says on the phone is someone who's also his friend that both go back a long way is Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo: & thanks Lanny for coming on the show during this rough time to where he says he appreciates him. Lanny says he appreciates him inviting him because he knew that Hillbilly loved Randy & says Randy loved Hillbilly too.

Hillbilly says all 3 had a bond together to where they knew each other for a long time, says that their dad Angelo Poffo was someone that he had much respect for as he did for anyone else in the business & says he was a fine, stand up human. He says Lanny's mom [Judy] is a wonderful lady, says that he & Lanny took lots of trips together & had lots of laughs together & hopes to have more. He says this [Randy's death] is something that hit us out of the clear blue sky, says he can't believe it & says he's had Lanny on his mind ever since. He says he had to put him on the show & again says he appreciates him for being gracious enough to be on.

Hillbilly asks Lanny to tell the fans on what he's feeling now, Lanny says that he feels that they're on the start of something very positive & says this past Monday the viewing of Randy took place. He says nothing could've gotten worse then that, says to see his mom & to be there for her was for her to see the shock of seeing her 1st born son laid out like that & says that was horrible. He says he stayed with his mom during that time because she needed him, says that his family needed each other & says there ain't no self made man in this world. He says people like that are those with false pride & modesty & says we all need someone to lean on.

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