Lanny Poffo Speaks Out On Randy Savage's Death & More

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Lanny says he did 1 for Randy's wedding & at Angelo's funeral, then says at Randy's funeral he took a post-it note & wrote a message which was an answer to a 40 year joke that they shared, to where he says he got the last word. He then impersonates Randy by saying "Now's the time to bear down, it's not the time to take a vacation, now's the time to bear down" & says that was a joke to where they'd always have a laugh about. He says on the post-it note he wrote: "Now's the time not to bear down, Love Lanny". Hillbilly says we've been blessed during the past 2 breaks to have Lanny on the show & again tells him that he appreciates him.

Hillbilly says he'll be playing some songs now & asks if he wants to hear a Hank Williams song ["Tuesday's Gone"] , Lanny says he'd like to hear Hank Williams Jr. but that's just him & says he'll do that now. He tells Lanny he'll talk to him soon, sends all his best to his mom & says long live the memory of Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

25.Plays Hank Williams Jr.'s "Tuesday's Gone", Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man", a "Mean" Gene Okerlund promo with Savage who talks about Steamboat & George Steele for Wrestlemania 3 & Waylon Jennings' "Lonesome, On'ry & Mean".

26.Hillbilly says a million salutations to Lanny Poffo who lost his brother Randy & for Lanny to have the "cahunas" to come on the show & openly talk like he did, showed the merit of a man. He again says he appreciates Lanny for doing so, again says he's dedicating the show to the memorial weekend fans that was in the service & to anyone that's ever defended America & says his hats off to them. He again says he's dedicating the show to Randy, says there's 1 more hour of your show & tells fans not to go anywhere. He says it's time to have a song ["Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man"] for the working man & says this guy [Travis Tritt] can do it like nobody's business.

27.Plays Travis Tritt's "Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man", The Marshall Tucker Band's "Mr. President", Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues" & Social Distortion's "Ring Of Fire".

28.Hillbilly tells fans to return to the show, says the 4th hour's kicking off & asks if you're listening in Palmer, Alaska or Vern, Florida or Battlecreek, Michigan or Griffin, Georgia, he appreciates & thanks them for hanging in with him. He says he's got a wonderful 4th hour for you with lots of things to talk about, says he'll keep it going by keeping the celebration alive & well & says he sees something that'll kick it off. He says Willie Nelson's got a tour called "Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown": , says the tour's kicking off this weekend that'll run thru 7/4. He says Willie covered a great southern Allman Brothers classic that was written by Gregg Allman with "Midnight Rider".

29.Plays Willie Nelson's "Midnight Rider", Jamey Johnson's "Macon" & Jerry Reed's "East Bound & Down".

30.Hillbilly tells Spike that something came from the "Cornfield County Newsdesk" that he thought would be important to him. He says there's a story about an ostrich at the London zoo, then describes it as a long neck chicken to Spike & says the ostrich had an odd habit of eating strange things. He mentions them such as an alarm clock, handkerchief, pencil, glove, roll of film, a roll of pennies & a 3 foot long piece of rope. He says that made him think of the ostrich an equal to Spike because Spike can almost eat anything. He says that Spike can drink battery acid which won't think would hurt him, says it can give him indigestion but it'll keep him ticking.

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