-- In Australia, the only wrestling show in the Top 100 on Paid TV was WWE RAW at #53 with 27,000 viewers.

-- The Lexington Sports-Leader has an article up with Randy Savage's former baseball teammates remembering him from that era of his life You can check that out by clicking here.

-- Cliff Compton, aka former WWE talent Domino, put together a benefit show with OVW to raise money for the family of a fourteen year-old homicide victim. Compton and OVW did the show in honor of Trey Zwicker, who considered Compton to be his favorite wrestler. Various news outlets covered the event. The main event featured Kharn Alexander, Muhamad Ali Vaez, and Tough Enough contestant Ryan Howe against Cliff Compton, Paredyse, and Jamin Olivencia. After the match, Compton personally thanked everyone for coming out and took pictures with Trey's family and friends. The event raised $2,000 for the family. According to Trey's father Terry, the money will go toward a tombstone.

-- Cowboy Bob Orton did an interview with St. Louis news program KLPR 11 on Sunday due to the fact that they used to run "Wrestling at the Chase" marathons on their station on Memorial Day. Orton discussed several topics including his son Randy, the old St. Louis territory, Crusher Blackwell and more. The interview also featured Orton talking about Randy Savage, who he teamed with for a while in International Wrestling All-Stars. Orton called Savage "flamboyant... one of the best ever... gave his all every time he entered the ring, and fans loved him for it... we hate to see him go."

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