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On Hearing About Randy Savage's Death: I thought Friday, May 21st couldn't have started off on a more s--tty note due to travel issues. I'd give anything for that to have been the worst thing to happen that day. After missing a 6:00 am flight to San Francisco and not knowing if I was going to make it to CA in time for the WrestleFest Convention, my very 1st west coast convention, I finally got a flight at 6pm and went home to rest for several hours. I woke up around 2:30pm to see I had at least 20 missed calls. There were 2 calls from HHH, several other friends, and even local news casters. A text from Hunter simple said "Hey Sean, can you call me as soon as you get this? I was overcome with angst as I called Hunter. Like all my close longtime friends, he always calls me Kid. I thought to myself "Scott's gone" After everything he's been through lately, can anyone blame me? Hunter told me what happened & Randy was gone. I was waiting for a gut punch-knee lift, and ended up taking a shot to the balls. I broke down & cried, as I'm sure so many others had done when they found out. I finished the conversation with Hunter quickly & proceeded to curl up in a ball, crying like a baby. I fell back to sleep & was woken by another phone call, this time from Bay News 9, a local News program. I made time to do an interview for them about Randy before barely making my 2nd attempt at a flight for the day.

On Chyna: I'm sure a lot of you already saw the article on about Chyna's new adult feature with Vivid Video. As much as I may still carry some resentment towards Joanie, I do care about her & do wish her well. When I heard she was going to work in TNA/ Impact, I was hoping that it would be something that could help her & be a good thing for her. When the TMZ story came out and they told me what was going on, it made me sad. When we made the sex tape in 2004, we were both doing a lot of hard drugs & at a low point in our lives. I feel like she hasn't made any real progress in changing her life in the last 7 years. On The Cowhead Show, Cowhead tried to get her on the phone with me at the same time & it kind of upset me when I heard her voice on her voicemail greeting. So I still have some issues with her that were never & probably will never get resolved. I'm going to end here.

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