Sorry that we are getting a late start, I was leaving a Memorial Day BBQ and our rear-view windshield was shattered when we were leaving because of some kids playing in the street. So that was fun...

RAW opened with some technical difficulties. R-Truth was at the merchandise stand but the audio wasn't working.

There is a tape delay at the beginning of the show. R-Truth then cut a promo in the ring, hating on John Cena's fans and saying that "little Jimmy's make him sick." Truth said he wants a match, and Cena said that he has no problem knocking some sense into him. RAW GM chimes in and makes R-Truth vs. John Cena tonight with no "little Jimmy's" allowed at ringside tonight.

Dolph Ziggler pinned U.S. Champion Kofi Kingston with the Zig Zag in a non-title match.

It is teased that Michael Cole will get Alex Riley to apologize to The Miz.

Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he heads to the ring for a promo. They replay the angle from last week of the Big Show having his leg run over. Del Rio says that what happened was an accident, and then says that Show brought it on himself and that "bad things happen to bad people." He says that Show owes him money for damaging his car and they will send him the bill. He finishes by smirking and telling Show to "get well soon."

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk will take place tonight.

Eve and Kelly Kelly will be facing the Bellas after the commercial break.

Kelly Kelly and Eve defeated the Bellas with Kelly getting the pin.

Kharma's promo for later tonight is plugged and we head to another commercial.

Michael Cole is in the ring and calls Alex Riley a Judas. They replay the angle with Miz and Riley from last week. Alex Riley's music hits and he heads to the ring. Cole says that there's never been an act of such treachery in WWE history. Cole said that Miz was like a father to him, and that he protected and nurtured Riley and was re-payed by being unmercifully attacked. Cole asks Riley how he can justify his actions of last week. Riley said that he never felt better in his life to a nice pop. Cole says that if he were him, he would get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness and says that Riley has no idea what the Miz can do to him. Riley tells Cole to shut up and says he has a big mouth like the Miz, and is starting to get a little annoying, just like the Miz. Cole says that Riley is a "bastard" and starts to walk off. Riley grabs Cole and shoves him to the mat. Riley picks Cole up and grabs him by the throat, only to be ambushed by the Miz.

Miz puts a beatdown on Riley and lays the boots to him. Riley is able to mount a comeback and chases Miz down the aisle and tackles him on the ramp. Riley then proceeds to beat Miz around the ringside area. Miz finally takes off through the stands and Riley got back in the ring and soaked in the cheers from the fans.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio is up next. Punk defeated Mysterio with a kick to the back of the head.

A recap of Steve Austin's appearance on Jimmy Fallon from last week is shown.

We are back from commercial and Kharma is in the middle of the ring with mic in hand. Kharma says that her dreams since she was a kid was to be a WWE superstar. She noted that she tried out for season two of Tough Enough and was told by Jim Ross that she was told that she was too fat. She talked about paying her dues in Japan, and then competing in every wrestling organization until her dream came true. She said WWE made her welcome as the crowd applauded. She said her other dream was to be a mother and revealed that she was with child. She said it's a high-risk pregnancy and she can't risk anything so she can't do anything physical. She said that she will be back and thanked the fans as the crowd gave her a nice ovation. The Bellas came out and said that they thought she was just really fat and wasn't really diva material. They said congrats for having a guy that would hook up with her and poked fun at her weight. Kharma briefly lunged at the Bellas and they shut up. Kharma said that she hopes that when she's back in a year, that the two of them are still there because then, she's got a new dream.

The cheesy Capitol Punishment promo with President Obama aired.

Evan Bourne pinned Jack Swagger. Swagger dominated the match, but when he tried to grab Bourne, he was rolled up for the surprise 1-2-3.

R-Truth is shown talking to himself and acting crazy backstage. Cena is then shown heading to the ring when Zack Ryder appeared and gave Cena a fist bump. Truth vs. Cena is up next after the commercial.

R-Truth vs. John Cena is up now. The replay Truth being in the merchandise stands earlier tonight, sans the audio difficulties. Truth is shown being upset with all the John Cena merchandise. Truth walked up to a father and his son and was upset that they were wearing Cena merchandise. Truth is in the ring, Cena's music hits and we're off!

Truth defeated Cena by countout. Truth spent the whole match running from Cena. Cena chased him in the stands and Truth started running back to the ring. Before Cena could get over the barricade, Truth clocked him and ran in the ring as Cena was counted out. Truth then went back to the father and son in the crowd and threw a drink in the father's face before running to the back. Cena came back and consoled the father, and helped wipe him off as the show ended.

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