Credit: Matt Holcomb/Pwinsider

Dark match before NXT:
Michael McGillicuty vs. Johnny Curtis. Curtis with a top rope leg drop for the win.

During the Main Event, a fan jumped the guardrail but was quickly stopped and escorted out by one of WWE's ring crew. Referee Chad Patton was sitting over with Tony Chimal and he would hold up 5 fingers then 3 then 2 and then finally 1 during the main even letting the guys know when it was time to "go home"

Post show dark match:
Mark Henry comes out and he and Referee Scott Armstrong stand in the ring for 15-20 minutes. Mark Henry tries to talk in to a mic but it is turned off. Scott joins in flexing his guns. Tony Chimal comes over the mic and thanks us for coming as we wait for Mark Henry's opponent. Finally about 10:30, Mark Henry leaves the ring and goes backstage and Tony thanks us again from coming. Before Mark Henry goes backstage Hornswoggle's music followed by The Great Khali's and then finally Vince's music plays. Weird

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