Credit: Kevin in Iowa/PWinsider

-The entire upper deck and 1/3rd of lower level is tarped over.

WWE SmackDown!:

*Christian pinned Mark Henry. Christian is appointed special referee for the title match tonight between Randy Orton and Sheamus.

*Jindar Mahal with Great Khali beat Yoshi Tatsu quickly. Khali put Tatsu in the vice afterwards.

*Alicia Fox and Tamina beat Natalya and Layla quickly.

*Ezekiel Jackson vs. Wade Barrett for Intercontinental title. Jackson wins by countout. Lame finish. Jackson fights off Slater and Gabriel afterwards.

*Obama promo. Pretty funny one.

*Tons of kids in the crowd and I swear, half must have Cena t-shirts on.

*Nice "USA" chant during Tribute to Troops video.

*Daniel Bryan vs. Ted Dibiase. Good match. Cody Rhodes comes out with more paper bags. He cut a promo earlier whining about losing to Bryan last week. Bryan wins by submission. Rhodes and DiBiase beat down Bryan. Sin Cara comes out for the save and hits moves on both. Funny moment mid-match as Sin Cara's entrance "steam" got played for a second. Someone hit the switch waaaay too early. I bet that is edited out.

*Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for WWE World title with Christian as special referee. Sheamus bumps Christian. Christian starts favoring his arm. Sheamus has Orton pinned, Christian counts two, then stops and favors his arm again. Orton hits RKO for the win. Post match, Christian nails Orton with the belt.

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