Jim Ross has posted his latest blog. Check out the highlights:

On Shaquille O'Neal: "Sorry to see Shaq leave the NBA but it was time for the big fellow to call it a career. Shaq was the nicest, pro athlete to ever visit Raw and participate in a WWE ring. Not a bad candidate for the 'celebrity wing' of the WWE HOF. Loved his moment or two in the ring with the Big Show a couple of years back. Bottom line, Shaquille O'Neal is a legit, good dude which may raise the ire of some Kobe Bryant fans."

On Chris Jericho's New Book: "@IAmJericho, Chris Jericho is looking at doing a 3rd book! Amazing. I can't even put a plan together to write one while wanting to stay away from a full blown autobiography at this time. Jericho is uber talented in many areas and has likely not wrestled his last WWE bout. The thing about Jericho is that he's going to do things on his time line and that he enjoys doing. When or if he becomes ready to return to WWE he will. The Winnipeg native and Fozzy front man certainly doesn't 'owe' any of us one more match."

On Alex Riley: "Alex Riley has upped his game the past two weeks on Raw while beating up The Miz. The key to Riley's rise to stardom and latching on to something tangible at the next level is his continued ability to shine and to get on a roll. The roll has started but how long will it be sustained? That's always going to be the question no matter the talent. Riley-Miz has been some of my favorite, MNR content the past two broadcasts. It feels new and fresh."

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