Barring a dramatic change, Mick Foley's run as television character for TNA Wrestling is over. Though his contract with the organization expires in September, he reportedly asked to be released prematurely due to creative differences as we noted yesterday here on the website.

Foley was removed as on-screen character on last week's episode of IMPACT WRESTLING. The program concluded with Hulk Hogan announcing that Foley had been fired as the Network Executive.

Both sides have been frustrated with each other in recent months. Foley was upset that TNA didn't take interest in promoting his outside projects, while some within the company felt he was difficult to work with. Foley, however, wasn't shy about expressing his disenchantment with the organization.

"The Hardcore Legend" stated during an interview late last year that he didn't plan on renewing his contract when it expired not to mention that he was upset that TNA didn't air footage of his appearance at Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Then last month, he took a shot at TNA live event attendance by comparing an "empty arena match" to a TNA house show. He later apologized.

Mick Foley also posted the following via Twitter: "I pushed hard for changes I felt would benefit Impact Wrestling. I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with."

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