-- Last week's edition of WWE SmackDown! 1.79 (1.8) cable rating, with 2,660,000 viewers.

-- CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio is confirmed for RAW tonight.

-- The following was announced on WrestleReunion.com: When Bruno Sammartino announced his retirement from personal appearances outside of the Pittsburgh area, I was not happy about it, but I accepted it. Since we started running WrestleReunion events, I could always count on Bruno to appear for us. When he announced he was retiring from traveling, I asked him to do one more appearance at our event in Atlanta. Although he loves meeting his fans, at 75 years of age, the travel associated with these appearances has become challenging and he is quite happy to stay at home with his wife Carol and enjoy retirement. Bruno was content to end his personal appearances in a place (Atlanta) that he had only wrestled a few times because of the thousands of WWWF/WWE fans that were in town for Wrestlemania. When this retirement decision was made, Bruno had no idea that I was considering going to Toronto with a WrestleReunion. The City of Toronto and Frank Tunney specifically gave Bruno a second chance following his blackball in the U.S (read his book or listen to his interviews for the longer version of this story). It was only after a few years of tremendous success working for Tunney that Vince McMahon Sr. contacted Bruno about returning to the WWWF. Despite working for Vince regularly, he upheld a promise he made to Jack Tunney, and continued to go back to the Maple Leaf Gardens regularly as his way of saying "thank you". In Bruno's mind, the City of Toronto and the Tunney family gave him the chance at the career, lifestyle and worldwide recognition that he has today. Bruno has given a lot of thought to this and decided that since he has never done a personal appearance in Toronto, he would like to go back one more time. Therefore, I am honored to announce Bruno will be in Toronto for WrestleReunion 8. We can all be very thankful that Frank Tunney saw something in Bruno Sammartino that promoters in the U.S. took much longer to figure out. Sal Corrente

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