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The show opens minutes early with Steve Austin, Luke and Andy in the ring to crown the new "Tough Enough" winner. Vince McMahon's music and he heads to the ring. He asks for a big hug from Austin and Austin asks him, "how about a stunner instead?" McMahon asks Like and Andy what makes them think that they deserve to be in the same ring as Shawn Michaels, Andre the Giant, Sgt. Slaughter and Austin. Andy starts by saying that he "guaran-damn-tees" and McMahon cuts him off right there. Luke then says he should win. McMahon says he's going to pick the TE champion. Austin tells Vince that TE is his show and he'll pick a winner, not Vince. Vince tells him to go ahead and suggests a drumroll, and Austin obliges. he drumroll beats as Austin goes back and forth between Andy and Luke. Austin then proclaims "Big Andy" the winner, which I consider an upset.

Big Andy is crowned the new "Tough Enough" champion.

Austin tells Luke he did a good job as he leaves the ring. Austin asks Vince if he has any words for Andy, and Vince welcomes him and slaps him, which floored the big man. Austin asked Vince what he was doing, helped Andy to his feed and then gave him a stunner. Austin welcomed Andy. As Andy got up and walked to the back, Austin shook his hand. Austin then proceeded to ask for beers in the ring and Vince was going to join him. Cue R-Truth.

Truth comes out to "when Johnny comes marching home" and dressed like a Civil War soldier. Truth started saying that the RAW GM wanted to apologize, and Vince says let's show why the GM wants him to apologize and they replay the angle for last week. Truth apologizes to "Big Jimmy" and "Little Jimmy" and says "I'm sorry" multiple times. Austin then asked Truth to apologize for "dressing like a jackass."

Truth said that they were in Richmond, where they formed the Confederate States of America. Austin said it was 150 years ago, what does that have to do with today. Truth said the Confederacy had one good idea... secession. Truth said he's seceding from the WWE Universe. He said he'll keep the WWE title match, but he won't participate in any video games, merchandise, etc. He said he's been a victim of a conspiracy, and asks Vince if he's right.

Vince starts making fun of R-Truth's first name being "R", and told Truth to visit him during his office hours. The Miz's music hits. "Really? Really?" Miz said that if it weren't for Alex Riley, he would still be WWE Champion. He asked for one last championship match. Riley's music then hits to a nice pop and he headed to the ring.

Riley told Miz that the only thing he deserved was a third straight beatdown. John Cena's music then hit. Cena gets in the ring and takes the mic. Cena told Miz that he made him say "I Quit" several times. He told Riley that he didn't like him, but commended him for beating up the Miz. Cena then questions Truth's mental state. Cena tells Truth that he got what he wanted, a title shot against him. The RAW GM chimes in.

Cole starts to read the email, but Vince tells Cole to shut up and that he's "got this one." He makes Truth and Miz vs. Cena and Riley for tonight, with Steve Austin as special ref.

We cut to our first commercial.

Santino Marella (w/ Koslov) vs. Michael McGillicutty (w/ David Otunga)

Santino took the early advantage and was even channeling The Ultimate Warrior, shaking the ropes and signaling for a press slam. Otunga pulled McGillicutty outside of the ring, only to be plowed down by Koslov. McGillicutty got back in the ring and was hit by a cobra moments later, earning Santino the clean victory.

Santino Marella pinned Michael McGillicutty.

Kelly Kelly's music hits and her and Beth Phoenix make their way to the ring. We go to another commercial.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix defeated The Bella Twins with Phoenix scoring the win. We go to commercial.

Booker T and Trish Stratus are backstage and Booker is teaching Trish how to do the spinaroonie. Jack Swagger interrupted and said that if he was a trainer, that all the contestants would be winners. Swagger then challenged Booker "if you've still got it." "He didn't say that..." Booker Then went on to accept Swagger's challenge.

CM Punk came out and sat on the ramp. He and asked fans to join him in dismantling Rey Mysterio. That match is next.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Mysterio dominated the early part of the match while Mason Ryan teased interference at ringside. The two went back and forth. The finish of the match saw Mysterio go for a 619, Ryan got on the apron but Mysterio kicked him off and hit a DDT. Mysterio then nailed Punk with a splash from top rope and got the clean pin.

Rey Mysterio pinned CM Punk.

A "Capitol Punishment" promo aired featuring R-Truth..

Alex Riley is talking to John Cena in the back and reminds Riley that he's cost him the title on many occasions. We're off to another commercial.

A promo for next week's three-hour RAW aired, entitled "All-Star Night."

Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he comes out his car with mic in tow. Del Rio said that he's been slandered by the WWE Universe for hitting Big Show with his car, and they replayed the accident footage again. Del Rio maintained that it was an accident and said that he wants Show to come out so that he can apologize. Show doesn't come out and Del Rio says that he knows Show is probably scared, but his car is all the way at the ramp. Show's music hits and Ricardo Rodriguez came out dressed like Show with a big stuffed belly and on crutches. Del Rio asked if the crutches were too much, and "Show" growled while signaling for the choke slam. Del Rio asked if this way his way of getting out of paying for damages. He tells "Show" that he got what he deserved and that "bad things happen to bad people." He then tells him to go home and never "disrespect me again." He then warns Show to not make him his enemy because he will get hurt, and once again said that "bad things happen to bad people."

A promo for Kofi Kingston aired, who's wrestling next.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero shake hands with Zack Ryder in the ring and then head to the announce booth for commentary.

Zack Ryder vs. Kofi Kingston

Ryder dominated the opening match, but Kofi was able to turn the tide. He was then able to hit Ryder with the TIP for the clean win.

Kofi Kingston pinned Zack Ryder.

Backstage the Miz is shown talking to the Miz. Booker T is then shown heading to the ring as we break for commercial.

The Miz vs. Alex Riley is announced for Capitol Punishment

Booker T vs. Jack Swagger

The finish of the match saw Booker T work Swagger over with scissor kicks. Swagger walked out of the ring and refused to get back in, losing by countout. Before Swagger could start heading for the back, Bourne nailed Swagger and ran to the ring. Swagger chased Bourne and was met with the scissor kick from Booker. Bourne hit Swagger with the Air-Bourne splash. Booker and Bourne then performed double spinaroonies.

Steve Austin is shown heading to the ring as we head to commercial.

The Miz and R-Truth vs. Alex Riley and John Cena w/ special referee Steve Austin

The end of the match saw Cena get Miz up for AA. R-Truth broke it up but was dumped out of the ring. Truth came in with a chair, but was dropkicked and the chair hit Truth. Cena and Miz nailed each other with a double clothesline. Riley got the briefcase, teased hitting Cena, but then nailed Miz. Austin followed up with a stunner and Cena hit AA on Miz for the three count.

After the match, Cena and Austin celebrated in the ring while Riley grabbed a beer and headed to the back and saluted Austin and Cena. The RAW GM chimed in and said that the ref blatantly overstepped his authority by physically interfering, and that Cena and Riley were disqualified. RAW GM chimed in again and said that next week on the three hour All-Star night, Austin will be the special guest GM. Austin then proceeded to beat up Cole and got him in the ring. Austin spilt beer on Cole and hit him with the stunner. Cena followed up and hit Cole with the AA. Austin then celebrated in the ring and threw some beers at Cena, who was heading to the back.

The Miz and R-Truth defeated John Cena and Alex Riley via disqualification.

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