As noted earlier this morning here on the website, The Miz was NOT injured after RAW last night.

We had two separate people with different email accounts contact us following RAW. Both "correspondents" had written separate accounts of what went down following a "dark match" on RAW. We ran with the story due to multiple "correspondents" stating nearly the same thing with their emails. We were then notified this morning by several fans who did in fact attend the event and were told that there was no dark match following RAW, thus indicating that the Miz report was false.

The advertised dark match was scheduled to be John Cena vs. Miz. Obviously, that didn't happen as they just had Steve Austin and John Cena standing in the ring for about five minutes drinking beers.

The Miz wrote the following on Twitter regarding the false reports: "Tsk tsk kiddies did we learn something tonight? Don't believe everything u read on the sheets."

We sincerely apologize for the error. We should have done more fact checking before running with the story. We can admit when we're wrong and in this case - we were wrong. Again, our sincere apologies.

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