-- This week's edition of WWE RAW drew a 3.2 cable rating, with 4.95 million viewers. The show did hours of 3.27 (3.3) and 3.15 (3.2). That means they lost viewers in hour two.

-- This week's edition of WWE Tough Enough (season finale) drew a 1.95 (2.0) cable rating, with 2,860,000 viewers.

-- The replay of WWE Tough Enough following RAW at 11:07 did a 1.08 (1.1) cable rating, with 1,541,000 viewers.

-- The RAW replay following the WWE Tough Enough replay did a 0.81 (0.8) cable rating, with 1.1 million viewers.

-- The WWE AM RAW episode on June 4th did a 0.44 (0.4) cable rating, 494,000 viewers.

-- The WWE Tough Enough that aired before that did a 0.68 (0.7) cable rating, with 783,000 viewers.

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