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-- has an article up on The 24 Biggest Pro Wrestling Conspiracies at this link.

-- Steven Fernandes sent this in: has an interview up with Jesse James "BG James" Armstrong who, along with Billy Gunn, will be headlining a show for Top Rope Promotions this Friday in Fall River, MA. He talks about Scott Hall's "performance" at the last TRP show saying "It was pitiful and disgusting to see the videos of Scott Hall. I know there's help there for him. But he just really doesn't want to quit what he's doing. And he's a friend of mine."

He also talks about his own substance problems that occurred last year when he was let go by TNA. "I had been famous. I'd made a ton of money. Then I got fired and it felt like everything was crumbling. I understand exactly where he (Hall) is at. I pray for him every morning. I've been there. When you can't handle life, you just want to alter your mind. I hadn't saved any money. I went through it like a crazy rock star. The only thing I knew was to take more drugs. I shut myself in my home. I contemplated suicide."

He had a successful rehab stint, adding "The last seven months I've had serenity. I'm a husband, a father. My life is good today." He also noted that Gunn is on the road to recovery from his own substance abuse problems as well adding, "He's doing great. He's turned his life around as well." You can read that at

-- Here is an interview with Alberto Del Rio and Kelly Kelly at E3 talking about the new WWE12 Video game.

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