Credit: Brent Kincer and PWInsider

Below are the WWE Superstars taping results from Roanoke, Virginia:

Chris Masters defeated JTG by submission using the Masterlock

Melina and Maryse defeated Eve and Gail Kim by pinfall via Sunset Split

Mark Henry's opponent Johnny Curtis doesn't come out and they play McMahon's music. Striker gets in the ring and asked him why none of his opponents wanted to cone out and face him. He replied "for the same reason this nobody (pointing to crowd) said. If they finally do come out like my music says "Somebody is Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked"

Vickie comes out yelling "EXCUSE ME" its so loud I can't even hear what she says... LOL! Huge heat!

Apparently she is managing Tyson Kidd now because she introduces him. Crowd goes dead for Kidd because we've seen him once already. I don't think the Crowd follows they are taping Superstars now. v Kidd vs. Yoshi Tatsu ends when hits the big round kick on Kidd. I REALLY wasn't into this match. Too long with little high fly or anything really..

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