Matt Morgan Talks Why 'Wrestling Matters,' Leaving WWE, Vince Russo & More

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"So me being as green as I was and very respectful, I f Vince McMahon is the one selling me on this gimmick and character, he's the one who likes it, and he's going to help my produce all my promos, why would I not say yes. All jokes aside, I really thought it was a good idea. It just wasn't a good idea for Matt Morgan."

On Vince Russo: "Poor guy, he takes so much flak and so much heat. It's out of control. There's certain things that yeah, Vince has put out there that people might not like, but the majority of stuff that I've done that had been successful, is 100% attributed to something that he had cooked up in the past for me.

"The whole Main Event Mafia thing... that was a great angle. That was something that really established me as a force and that's on him. I went out there and carried it out but as far as promos and things like that, I could easily tell Vince 'Yeah Vince, that's something I'm comfortable with, can we try this, would that be ok?' He is by far one of the easiest people I have ever worked with.

"The best thing about him is he gets my character. He knows everything that I would think, say, and do and just react. He knows it before I do it, which is great to have, because I don't have to sit there and explain what my character would do under a certain set of circumstances. That takes forever to get past that point when you're with a new writer, and if you're that character... it takes a long time for that writer to really dig into your character and understand what your character would do because he has 65 or 70 other characters to deal with. So to have that is very very cool. It's a blessing, I'm lucky for it."

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