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- Below are the WWE SmackDown taping results from Roanoke, Virginia:

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Christian to start show with promo saying that he was curious what kind of reaction he would get when he came out. If you cheered for him you understood why he did what he did last week. He says that he doesn't think anyone quite gets it. He says he is through with everyone. He is done with all his peeps and doesn't want to talk to any of his so called peeps ever again. He proceeds to call Michael Cole into the ring which he does. He tells him he believes he's earned one more shot for the World Heavyweight Championship. He says he has a lot to get off his chest. He says that he doesn't understand why the so called peeps, the same people that blew up Twitter and emails when he was screwed out of the title 5 days after he earned it. He continues with asking Cole what kind of show Teddy Long was running asking the useless fans what they think about matches and ruining his 17 years of hard work. He says that he feels disrespected by everyone and especially Randy Orton for accepting the challenge in the first place. He tells Cole to ask the people a question for him since he isn't talking to them anymore. He tells Cole to ask them if they think he should be World Heavyweight Champion. He does and the crowd boos heavy. Christian gets back on the mic and says that's what he expected that the people were clueless and he would be Champion again and he would do it himself and not share it with anyone of the fans. Good heel turn.

They show The Corre walking in the back...

Corre vs Ezekiel Jackson and The Usos in a 6 man tag match is the opening contest for Smackdown. Wade Barrett leaves in the middle towards the end of the match. Ezekiel Jackson torture racks Justin Gabriel for the win as Barrett watches from the stage. Pretty good tag match.

Backstage promo with Sheamus and Teddy Long demanding a match with Christian tonight. Teddy Long says he's going to put him with someone else that is upset and says he's going to put him with Randy Orton tonight.

Backstage promo with Slater and Gabriel telling Barrett that The Corre was over!

Trent Baretta vs The Great Khali's rookie from last year (didn't catch the name) w/ Khali at ringside. Loud USA chants during the match. Quick job match. Baretta got a small amount of offense in but was distracted by Khali when he went to the top rope setting up the finish. Khali with the vice grip after the match.

Backstage with new WWE diva AJ. Tamina gave her cheese as a welcome gift. Angie talked some junk and Tamina said that was small talk for a girl who would be alone in the ring tonight. Natalyia came up next to Angie and Tamina sniffed and asked if someone cut the cheese. Corny as hell. LOL!!!.

Tamina vs AJ is up next. Typical Divas match which ended with AJ rolling Tamina up for the win.

Randy Orton shown walking in the back...

Orton out with the World Title to a HUGE ovation. He cuts a promo about Christians promo earlier. He calls Christian out which brings us to the Titantron. Christian tells Randy to ask the fans what they want. Christian tells Randy that he wants one more match for the title. He says he was the referee last week and could have counted his shoulders but he didn't want to beat Sheamus. They make a match for Capitol Punishment. Christian then leaves and says "See you in DC Randy".. I'm guessing they will make it a triple threat or totally ignore Sheamus all together.

Backstage they show Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase talking about their partnership. Rhodes calls for his bagged and tells him to put a bag on his head and get out of his face (pointless).

Sin Cara vs Ted DiBiase is next. (Cara's pyro is EXTREMELY loud).. Sin Cara won via DQ when Rhodes grabbed him from outside the ring. Post match beat down until Daniel Bryan ran in and made the save.

Teddy Long comes out and makes it a tag team match. Cara and Bryan vs DiBiase and Rhodes is now up...Heels control most of the match except for a few spots with most of the heat on Sin Cara. Match ended when Daniel Bryan locked his submission on DiBiase from the top rope and made him submit.

Johnny Curtis in the back saying that he won NXT 3 months ago and we only saw him twice since. He said he wasn't mad but he had one of these which he revealed a potato chip on his shoulder.. Another corny joke LOL!

Backstage promo (way too many of these... Crowd is getting pissed) with Orton talking about his match with Sheamus.

Sheamus comes out. Apparently it's a No DQ match with Orton. Orton comes out to another huge ovation. Let's Go Randy chants throughout the show. Sheamus starts the match until Orton takes over shortly after. Match goes out to the floor quickly and then back in rather quickly. Typical back and forth match with little uses of weapons. Nice couple of spots with the kendo stick. Christian runs in and tried to Killswitch Orton and loses it and rolls out of the ring. Orton RKOs Sheamus and runs into a belt shot from Christian. Setting Sheamus up for a crawl to pin to end the match and show. Christian poses with the belt over Orton and leaves with the belt.

After the cameras were off Sheamus and Christian return to beat on Orton. Orton RKOs Sheamus... DiBiase and Rhodes run in and eat RKOs.

Overall a good show..

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